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Saint Barbara Parish
Old Mission Santa Barbara
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Santa Barbara, CA


You Are Mine

Dear Friend,

When Lent arrives, I feel like I’m faced with an impossible task. I feel overwhelmed, which, truth be told, is my initial reaction to most important projects in my life. I’m well practiced in complicating things and in setting myself unreal expectations.

This Lent I have the chance to frame my approach differently, which – come to think of it – might just mean that my Lenten practice has already begun.

Last Monday night I sat in Serra Chapel as Fr. Barber led us through a basic “spiritual exercise.” We slowly read a scripture text from the prophet Isaiah. He encouraged us to use our imaginations and slowly take in the phrases and images. I came to these words: “You are mine.” I tried to hear God really speaking them to me. I remembered the day of my ordination, when the choir sang these very words during the liturgy.

The God who loves me, who walks with me as the Risen One, guiding me with His Spirit, is telling me something life-changing: I am with you, I will teach you. Allow me…

Who is God calling me to be in my own circumstances, in my own unique setting of life? I don’t just live with my brothers; I live with myself every day. It’s worth it to take a look at how I treat myself, how I conduct myself, and how I might make changes.

Lent is a task because it’s something I have to slow down and stay with. It’s a grace because it can take me to a place of wholeness and holiness I could never reach on my own.


Fr. Dan ofm, Pastor