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Advent is Almost Over…

Dear Friend,

Peace and all good be yours!

As we come to the end of Advent with Christmas almost here, I’m thinking of words that Father Larry shared at the Catholic Charities Mistletoe Ball two weeks ago (two days after coming home!).  In his ever-gentle way, Father Larry spoke of his experience in the hospital in Rome and his time in the recovery room after his heart surgery. It was a place so very foreign to him in so many ways.  Though he was sharing the large room with what seemed to be many other patients, it was a place where he began to feel alone.

As he felt the pain of his surgery increasing, he was unable to contact a nurse and there was some confusion when one did arrive. Later, in the dark of the large room, the silence of the night was broken by the voice of another patient, a woman who seemed to be praying and giving voice to Father Larry’s own prayer. He wrote this poem, a true expression of Emmanuel, God with us!

Blessings be with you!

Fr. Dan ofm, Pastor


A Poem From The Heart For You

            by Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM

I would like to write a poem for you.

A poem from the heart.

My heart to yours.

It would say,

   “You are never alone.”

It would say,

   “This is the Garden of Eden,

     and you are here, in it.”

When earth and heaven is given to us,

     and the abiding love of God is yours,

     you are never alone.

The One who is called “Good” is there at your side.

Calling out for you, as a child lamenting,

the cry of God.

You are a citizen of the world.

You here, dear, near, and never alone.